Promotional video for Visual Editions' Kickstarter launch for their new project. Don Quixote by Miguel De Cervantes will be published by Visual Editions in 2014 and newly designed by Fraser Muggeridge with photographs by Jacob Robinson. The animation follows Jacob's camper van journey across La Mancha to capture Don Quixote's bonkers trip.
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Artwork for a music video of a K-pop artist, Younha. I was involved as an art director, designing and producing most of the visual elements for the film.
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Animation project in progress. An adaptation of a short story The School by Donald Barthelme.

Shortlisted in V&A Illustration Awards

This series of drawings is inspired by the short story Bliss by Katherine Mansfield with the central theme of the protagonist's objectified life in mind to evoke the still-life-like quality of the world inhabited by the female character, portraying her fragility and naivety.

Still Life I

Face and Mug

Still Life III

Drawing Room

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Wish You Were Here, a non-narrative short animation, is an attempt to question where the line is between the mundane and the memorable. The film is made up of vignettes of holidays intertwined with images of everyday life - both are transient or, maybe, looping forever. One of my initial intentions for the work was to create ‘still’ moving images using static sequences to represent the eternal moments of life - poignant gazing at frozen memories of moments.

Video above contains brief excerpts from the film and documentation of installation at Show RCA 2013.

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Illustration for seasonal cards - 2014, year of the blue horse. Commissioned by a gallery space, GrowDeep in Seoul.

Moving image work produced by Mid 2013

A book project started with a few keywords: a man, a suitcase, a female acrobat, an interruption and a journey.

Digital print, 28page, 150 x 170 mm

2011 90th Art Directors Club: Winner
2011 Adobe Design Achievement Awards: Winner

4 different children, Oz, Nadia, Mia, Johnny, appear on the animation separately. They are heard describing their favourite animal, and it then is drawn according to what they say, so that the creature grows itself in an completely unexpected way.