Drawing research on justice.

Reservoir by Metronomy

Director : Daniel Brereton
Drawings : Daniel Brereton
Lead animator : Matt Lloyd
Animator/Designer : Etienne Frasson-Cochet
Producer : Tina Pawlik
Art department assistant : Iris Debaveye
Animation team :
Steven Lall, Leo Bridle, Lara lee, Alec Jagodzinski, Jess Swainson, Daniel Draper
Lead colourist : Iris Debaveye
Colourist team : Juliana Futter, Noemie Desard, Jill Wignall
Post supervisor : Lewis Kyle White
Grade : Jack McGinity

Animation in South Korean music videos below;

너에게만 반응해 by 이승환
Director: Joonki Min(Sunshine Underground)
Assistant Director: Seoung Kwon Yoon
Sunshine Crew: Mungyu Kim, Seong Wan Park
Staff: Eunbi Ko, Edie Yoojeong Ko, Ga Gyeong Kim, Youngmin Lee,김민준, 유시몬
Animation & Title Design : Lara Lee
Director of Photography : 김태수
B Camera Operator : 강민우
Keygrip + MOVI : 김종배 @ 무빙워크
Jimmy Jip : 신진우 @ 무빙워크
Gaffer : 유석문 @필라멘트
Art Director : 소보은 @비상청춘
Dancer Stylist: 최수지

걔세 by Mino
Director: Jiyong Kim(Fantazy Lab)
Producer: 우경아
Production supervisor: Jinpyo Jun
Art director: 선화 (다락)
Edit+Composite: Jiyong Kim
Animation: Cheonseong Lee, Lara Lee, Ellen Kim
Sound fx: 강민우 (살결)
Wardrobe: 조인준
PA: 향기
1st AD: Sam
2nd AD: 임주란
3rd AD: Tim Gallagher
DP: 신재만
B Camera Operator: Sejung Hong
Lighting: 조훈

Re-imagined Don Quixote
Promotional video for Visual Editions' Kickstarter launch for their new project. Don Quixote by Miguel De Cervantes will be published by Visual Editions in 2014 and newly designed by Fraser Muggeridge with photographs by Jacob Robinson. The animation follows Jacob's camper van journey across La Mancha to capture Don Quixote's bonkers trip.

괜찮다 MV
Artwork for a music video of a K-pop artist, Younha. I was involved as an art director, designing and producing most of the visual elements for the film.

The School (Work In Progress)
Animation project in progress. An adaptation of a short story The School by Donald Barthelme.

Shortlisted in V&A Illustration Awards

This series of drawings is inspired by the short story Bliss by Katherine Mansfield with the central theme of the protagonist's objectified life in mind to evoke the still-life-like quality of the world inhabited by the female character, portraying her fragility and naivety.

Still Life I

Face and Mug

Still Life III

Drawing Room

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Wish You Were Here
Wish You Were Here, a non-narrative short animation, is an attempt to question where the line is between the mundane and the memorable. The film is made up of vignettes of holidays intertwined with images of everyday life - both are transient or, maybe, looping forever. One of my initial intentions for the work was to create ‘still’ moving images using static sequences to represent the eternal moments of life - poignant gazing at frozen memories of moments.

Video above contains brief excerpts from the film and documentation of installation at Show RCA 2013.

House of Cards
Drawing research.

푸른 말
Illustration for seasonal cards - 2014, year of the blue horse. Commissioned by a gallery space, GrowDeep in Seoul.